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Our Workhorse Alkyd Enamel Topcoats

This ls a line of quality enamels with excellent brushing properties, designed to produce a smooth durable finish with alkyd durability. Available in neutral and white formulas.

Physical Properties
Vehicle Type Alkyd (Soya based)
Solids by Volume 56-58 % (+/-2%)
Solids by Weight 72-78 % (+/-2%)
VOC 318-332 g/l
Flash Point >100°F
Specific Gravity 1.22-1.46
Viscosity 35-38 sec. Zahn #4



Formulated for High Quality Finish Performance

BRUSHABLE, self-sealing, superb flow

• Excellent Flow and Leveling
• Durability/Washability
• Sag Resistant Fast Build
• Mar and Scratch Resistance

Recommended For
• Interior Trim and Molding
• Interior Doors
• Kitchen Cabinets
• Interior Shutters & Moldings
• General Purpose Interior

Product Numbers
CS-3196 Alkyd Enamel White White Satin
CS-3197 Alkyd Enamel White White Semi-Gloss
CS-3096 Alkyd Enamel Neutral Satin
CS-3097 Alkyd Enamel Neutral Semi-Gloss

Additional information


Nuetral, White


Satin, Semi-Gloss


5 Gallon, 1 Gallon

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