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CW-1111 High-Build Acrylic Modified Polyurethane Primer

The CW-1111 is a white acrylic modified polyurethane primer to be used on interior applications. It is designed for cabinets, furniture, and millwork. Being a 1K/2K primer allows this product to be applied with or without our CW-4002 hardener. When you add 5% hardener it will block stain bleeding and tannin migration. A 5 hour pot life gives you time to apply the ideal coats for that flawless finish.

  • Great for MDF, hard and soft woods
  • Can be universally topcoated
  • Will block tannins and dye with 5% hardener
  • Excellent 5 hour pot life
  • Industry leading chemical and moisture protection
  • Can be recoated without sanding within potlife
    Great sandability


  • 100% Acrylic
  • Fast Drying
  • High Solids
  • Quick grain fill
  • Excellent Sandability
  • Can be re-coated with most solvent and water-based coatings
  • Can be used for new and refinish applications
  • Low VOC/HAPS Free

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1 Gallon

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