To make sure of good mechanical bond we prefer you do not exceed 150p grit for solvent and 220p for water-based products.

Yes, we recommend not to exceed 10% with water for medium reduction.

We recommend that you clean and sand the substrate, to new wood, and use a vinyl sealer/primer to trap in any contaminates before applying our water based or solvent base systems.

Yes, if you add the CW-4002 Catalyst/ Hardener, up to 15% the surface will increase in hardness and chemical durability. Or use our WB 1800 series with 25% hardener for the best durability.

To spray our industrial materials, we recommend you use a pneumatic conventional HVLP, Air Assisted Airless, or Airless to have the best outcome.

White/ blushing under your material happens for the following reasons: Spraying the material too thick trapping air under surface, there is too much humidity in the air, or your material is drying too fast. Resolve by adding a medium to slow reducer or wait for better weather conditions.

yes, to get the best inter-coat adhesion, you must sand between each coat. We commend using 320p-400p max.

For CIC Centurion water base/ solvent products we recommend 1.3-1.5 on conventional HVLP and .11-.13 orifice size on Airless or AAA Systems. Depending on viscosity, more pressure might be needed.

Traditional oil base stains need at least 24 hrs to dry. Before applying any material use a clean rag to wipe excess stain off the surface after 24 hrs. of drying. **Please take note that only our stain bases are optimal under our products.

Our distributors will be able to give you a SDS and TDS on any product you are using. The TDS has all the info on how to use each product.

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