Centurion™ Premium Industrial Interior Wood Coatings give you…

  • Primers, sealers and topcoats developed through decades of research and experimentation
  • Advanced protection that enriches the beauty of wood
  • With minimal impact on the environment
  • The compliance you need to work in even the strictest of sustainability restrictions, including California’s

To ensure our coatings deliver the stellar finishes you’re looking for, Centurion™ has invested heavily in technology and become an emerging leader in environmentally sustainable and innovative products, all manufactured in the US.

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Real Solutions, Naturally

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Water-based coatings were once viewed as a compromise, forcing you to trade performance for  environmental responsibility. Not anymore. Our comprehensive line of Centurion™ Water-Based Coatings is eco-friendly and provides outstanding performance with exceptional clarity, wood warmth, and durability. With advantages such as non-flammability, low odor, ease of handling, and water clean-up, Centurion™ Water-Based Coatings can be applied on a variety of wood surfaces including high-end architectural millwork, furniture, cabinetry, wood floors, MDF, and all other interior wood applications.

The Centurion™ Water-Based line features clear and pigmented primers, polyurethane clears and pigmented topcoats, and acrylic clear and pigmented topcoats. Centurion™ Water-Based Coatings are ideal options for the following situations:

  • When you are working in a poorly ventilated or confined area
  • When a reduction of VOC’s is required to meet environmental compliance requirements
  • When exposure to solvent evaporation and concentration of flammable materials pose a risk
  • When easy and efficient equipment clean-up is desired
  • Where KCMA testing specification coatings are required

Join the revolution today and cover your next project in quality with Centurion™ Water-Based Wood Coatings. Check out our complete selection of Water-Based Wood Coatings here

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Solvent-borne coatings are highly valued for their reliability, ease of use, and superior film-forming characteristics. When that’s what your project demans, the Centurion™ Premium Compliant Wood Coatings deliver all the traditional benefits while meeting 275 or 550 VOC requirements. Our high-performance coatings provide excellent durability, chemical resistance, mar resistance, and are non-yellowing. Choose from a wide range of sheens, pigmented or clear, in a variety of finishes including: Nitrocellulose Lacquers, Conversion Varnishes, Clear or Pigmented Primers, Water Clears, Water Whites, Stain Bases, and Pre-Cat Lacquers.

  • High resistance to abrasions, scratches, and chemical agents
  • Non-yellowing and excellent clarity
  • Predictable drying results in high humidity or high temperature conditions
  • Excellent film-forming properties with high durability and moisture resistance
  • Can be sprayed with conventional, airless, HVLP, and air assist airless equipment
  • Products which meets or exceeds the performance parameters outlined by KCMA

You’re a professional. Use the Centurion Compliant Coatings built for professionals like you.
Check out our complete selection of Compliant Wood Coatings here

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We Are Production Professionals

Along with our comprehensive line of Centurion™ Wood Coatings, our experienced technical staff will work directly with you to find the best and most effective coatings options for streamlining your processes. We can maximize your productivity and eliminate downtime for all applications including industrial/OEM, millwork, cabinetry, furniture manufacturing, or factory applied operations, and design a customized coating solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Expertise | Support | Customized Solutions

Product optimization with conventional, airless, HVLP, and air assist airless equipment

Product solutions to meet the performance parameters of KCMA

Factory applied UV curing wood coating solutions

Customization of gloss level, dry time, viscosity, and more

Customized product supply chain solutions for inventory and cost efficiencies

Custom stain colors and aerosols

These are just a few of the Professional Architectural Wood Organizations we’re proud to be a part of…

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