Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer Topcoat

Protect your high-quality wood products with this premium, pre-catalyzed lacquer. This high-build top coat provides exceptional resistance to water, solvents, and household chemicals and resists yellowing. It may be sprayed with conventional, airless, and air-assisted airless application equipment. This product is available in Clear and White.

Available Products

  • CS-3041-G01 Clear Pre-Catalyzed (Flat)
  • CS-3042-G01 Clear Pre-Catalyzed (Satin)
  • CS-3043-G01 Clear Pre-Catalyzed (Semi-Gloss)
  • CS-3044-G01 Clear Pre-Catalyzed (Gloss)
  • CS-3141-G01 White Pre-Catalyzed (Flat)
  • CS-3142-G01 White Pre-Catalyzed (Satin)
  • CS-3143-G01 White Pre-Catalyzed (Semi-Gloss)
  • CS-3144-G01 White Pre-Catalyzed (Gloss)


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